Pond Blue


AQUANATURE POND BLUE Dye turns pond water a beautiful, vibrant blue. Blue water also helps to conceal fish from predatory birds.


• Shades Pond From Harmful UV Rays

• Conceals Fish From Predatory Birds

• Concentrated, Easy To Use Formula

• Safe For All Fish, Plants And Wildlife


Use a bucket or container to take one gallon of water from pond. Shake product well Push 4 times equal to (5 ml) per 50 us gallons (190 L)  to make pond water beautiful Blue.Gently stir and pour this mixture into pond around the edge. Wait for the blue colorant to disperse. Treat again if a darker coloration is desired. When color fades over time, retreat.

NOTE: This product may stain porous surfaces, concrete and water features.


Use AQUANATURE POND CHLORINE ERASE ADVANCE or AQUANATURE POND STRESS RELAX + while adding tap water.AQUANATURE VITAMIN C or AQUANATURE VITAMIN + advisable to use with water conditioner to increase fishes immunity.


Store in a cool,dry place.


Keep out of reach of children. Not for human consumption. If ingested drink water, seek medical attention immediately. If in eyes, flush with water, if irritation continues, seek medical attention.


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