About Us

About AquaNature

Our efforts at AquaNature are focused on providing high value products and solutions as well as valuable information that make Aquarist fun and easy. We are committed to helping fellow hobbyists achieve the best possible success with their own tanks.
AquaNature is owned and operated by hobbyists. All of our employees are hobbyists who maintain aquariums at home and at our own outlet. AquaNature itself was started because one such passionate hobbyist Amit Manjarawala (Founder) – recognized that the available solutions to aquarists' problems were wanting.
AquaNature their quest for the most innovative, high quality aquarium products combined with excellence in customer service. AquaNature has developed a complete line of cutting edge chemical and nutritional supplements, vitamins and filtration media to maintain planted & marine aquarium environments for the aquarium novice and for the most demanding hobbyist or public aquarium. AquaNature products are thoroughly thought out, tediously tested, and made to the highest standards of quality.

AquaNature has been in business over 20 years