AQUANATURE PARACURE is useful disease treatment
against protozoan parasites including Flukes Gyrodactylus
(skin flukes) and Dactylogyrus (gill flukes).in addition to being
effective anti parasite treatment, PARACURE can also assist
with bacterial gill disease and bacterial disease such as skin

PARACURE in tank treatment Effective against bacteria and parasites can be repeated every 2-3
days maximum 3 treatment  PARACURE short term baths Effective against Bacteria and parasites
can be treated daily maximum 5 days treatment. It can be use to kill snails and unwanted insects in
aquatic plants. before introduce plants inside aquarium. make lighter red solution with water in a tub
dip the plants in to it for 10 minutes in dark place.

Shake well before use.
Push 4 times Equal to (5 ml) per 10 US gallons (38 L) of aquarium.
• Remove activated carbon.
• Stop uv sterilizer.
• Treatment continue for a week 5 ml for 38 L daily maximum 5 days.
PARACURE short term bath always recommended before adding fishes and aquatic plants to avoid
infection before adding up in aquarium.

Store in a cool,dry place.

Keep out of reach of children. Not for human consumption. If ingested drink water, seek
medical attention immediately. If in eyes, flush with water, if irritation continues, seek
medical attention.

250 ml treats up to 500 gallons
500 ml treats up to 1000 gallons
1 L treats up to 2000 gallons
5 L treats up to 10000 gallons


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