Bio-Bacto Max Biological Filter Media


AQUANATURE BIO-BACTO MAX premium biological media. Featuring a deep pore structure with interconnected micro-tunnels, BIO-BACTO MAX offers a vast surface area where billions of beneficial nitrifying bacteria can thrive. In fact, BIO-BACTO MAX provides a massive 2,250 square meters of surface area per liter of media, allowing for excellent biological filtration performance in even the most crowded and heavily stocked aquariums. Cylindrical-shaped bio-media allow for excellent water flow around and through each cylinder, preventing debris and waste from accumulating and clogging water flow. In turn, this supports oxygen levels and ensures subsequent filter media receive an evenly distributed water flow, improving filtration efficiency.


Rinse before use Designed for use with sump filtration and canister filters of all sizes For best results, rinse monthly using aquarium water and replace partially every 6 months For optimal filtration, place in the last stage of the filtration process


It can be placed in any kind of filter. Due to larger in size no filter bags required.


Use AQUANATURE NITRIFYING BACTERIA when introduce AQUANATURE BIO-BACTO MAX STORAGE Store in a cool,dry place. CAUTION Keep out of reach of children. Not for human consumption.


Each 70 gm of BIO-BACTO MAX treats about 100 L (25 US gallons) Each 150 gm of BIO-BACTO MAX treats about 216 L (54 US gallons) Each 300 gm of BIO-BACTO MAX treats about 432 L (108 US gallons)


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