Calcium Powder

Builds and Protects Bones, Muscles and Heart Health.

BIRDS NATURE CALCIUM is a precipitated calcium supplement for all species of birds. BIRDNATURE CALCIUM uses only Precipitated Calcium which is white in color and is essentially lead free. Impurities in other sources of calcium carbonate (e.g. Oyster Shell Calcium) cause the supplement to appear gray in color. The calcium carbonate particles in BIRDSNATURE CALCIUM have a unique shape, and an extremely high surface area, resulting in increased calcium bio- availability. Calcium is essential for the formation and maintenance of strong bones, egg production, blood clotting, and other vital life functions. With BIRDSNATURE CALCIUM you can take comfort in knowing that your birds are receiving a highly bio-available source of calcium that is free of harmful impurities.


Give Calcium 1-2 days a week to non-breeding birds and 5 days a week to breeders or egg-laying pets. Do not feed every day. NOTE : Measuring Scoop inside 5cc Sprinkle on soft food or seed, a small pinch (1/8 scoop) per food or add to drinking water.

guarantee anaylsis

Moisture (max) 1.0%-

Calcium (min) 38.0%- 380,000mg per kg

Calcium (max) 43.0% -430,000mg per kg


Keep out of reach of children. Not for human consumption. If ingested drink water, seek medical attention immediately. If in eyes, flush with water, if irritation continues, seek medical attention.

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool,dry place.