Nano Co2 Glass Diffuser Set

CO² Diff­user emits CO² into the water. The safe valve prevents a backflow of water. When put into operation, the Di­ffuser must firstly be filled with water which will get fill automatically over night when introduce in aquarium. The lower the Diff­user is fitted in the aquarium, the longer the way of the gas bubbles is to the surface and the more CO² can be dissolved in the water. The Diff­user is connected to the CO² system using the hose connection piece. When in operation, the lower chamber fills with CO² gas, and CO² bubbles rise from there through the center hole into the upper chamber. The amount of CO² discharged into the aquarium can be set by bubble counting and adjusting the CO² system. In the center chamber, the bubbles rise upwards, leaving the Diff­user in tiny gas pearls through the porous glass frit. Please remember that due to the collection of CO² bubbles, the glass frit requires a certain amount of initial pressure to start working and will initially release a larger amount of CO² into the aquarium. Please wait until this eff­ect has passed without increasing the amount of bubbles, as you will otherwise have to reduce them again. If after a longer period of time the gas pearls start to come out partly irregularly and in diff­erent sizes due to algae deposits on the glass frit, the glass frit will have to be cleaned with a brush and, if necessary. When the tiny gas bubbles rise, the water is di­ffused with CO² , which is then available to the plants. At the same time, however, oxygen and nitrogen dissolved in the water penetrate the gas bubbles. Though decreasing in size on their way to the surface, the bubbles do not disappear completely as they turn into air bubbles that contain but a negligent amount of CO² . If the long-term test still shows blue after a day, the number of bubbles must be increased.