AQUANATURE FISH WORMx is effective against common organisms such as Planaria, Camallanus, Aiptasia anemones, and more, it is one of the fastest and most effective agents against aquatic parasites and other dangerous rogue organisms. These creeping critters eat your fish’s food, and they can be incredibly difficult to get out of an aquarium.This highly effective anti-parasitic fish medication is designed to remove worms and other parasites from fresh and saltwater aquariums. It removes these pests from the environment and from within the fish themselves!.By choosing FISH WORMx from AQUANATURE, you won’t just be removing these unwanted guests from your fish and their environment, but you’ll also be making it more difficult for them to re-establish an infestation in the future.


  • Highly Effective Worming Agent
  • Combats a Variety of Parasites and Worms in Fish
  • Works in Both Fresh and Salt Water
  • Helps to Eliminate Infestations




Administer 1 packet (250 mg) with approximately 4 ounces of food and let soak for 30 minutes.


Add 1 packet directly in aquarium for 33 us gallon (125 L) once/week for 3 weeks. However, it is probably best to food soak the medication so it passes through the gastrointestinal tract where the worms live along with medication recommend to use AQUANATURE VITAMIN + for increasing overall strength of the fish.

Do not use in tanks with desired starfish, snails, anemones, Cnidarians, mushrooms, or corals as it will have a negative effect and possibly cause death.



Use AQUANATURE VITAMIN + for better growth,color and for the strong immunity of the fish.



Store in a cool,dry place


Keep out of reach of children. Not for human consumption. If ingested drink water, seek medical attention immediately. If in eyes, flush with water, if irritation continues, seek medical attention. FOR AQUARIUM USE ONLY.





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