Purple Coralline GRO

AQUANATURE PURPLE CORALLINE GRO is a Marine buffer supplement with trace elements that promote Coralline Algae. Coralline algae will grow naturally, without any special supplements in all reef systems optimized for hard corals.PURPLE CORALLINE GRO is a complex of calcium,magnesium,strontium,carbonate buffers, potassium and trace elements such as iron, formulated in the ratio taken up regularly by the coralline algae. To promote coralline algae in fish only or soft coral aquariums the alkalinity needs to be maintained at approximately 3 meq/L (8.4 °dKH) and specific minor and trace elements need to be readily available.


  •  Contains a natural plant growth regulator for purple coralline and green calcareous macro- algae.
  •  Provides specific concentrations of calcium, magnesium, strontium, trace minerals and carbonates
  •  Formulated with precise ratios of natural seawater components
  • Free of phosphate, silicate, and organic material

Shake well before use.

PURPLE CORALLINE GRO will cloud the aquarium upon addition, it is therefore recommended that it be added a night in an area of strong flow. Push 4 times equal to (5 ml) per 20 us gallons (80 L) 3 to 4 times per week. PURPLE CORALLINE GRO will raise the calcium level in your aquarium. For best results, measure the calcium concentration and add as required to maintain the concentration between 410 and 450 mg/L (ppm). Daily addition is preferable, though. Do not mix with any other supplements prior to addition.


Use AQUANATURE STRESS RELAX + while top up aquarium water.

Store in a cool,dry place.

Keep out of reach of children. Not for human consumption. If ingested drink water, seek medical attention immediately. If in eyes, flush with water, if irritation continues, seek medical attention.



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