Premium Activated Carbon


AQUANATURE PREMIUM CARBON is a unique activated carbon. Due to porous structure it allows water to flow from it. AQUANATURE CARBON has a very low ash content as indicated by its minimal impact on pH. AQUANATURE PREMIUM ACTIVATED CARBON has the lowest leachable phosphate content . Carbon is generally considered to be a chemical filter, that is not true. It can be work as a mechanical filter , but it is only capable of mechanically filtering when carbon has porous. It functions through extremely small cracks, there are two category macropores and micropores. Microporous carbons remove metals and smaller ions . while macroporous carbons remove larger organic molecules which is best for water filtration.


To remove odor from aquarium water. Make aquarium water sparkling clear. It helps to remove medicines from water after medication completed. Helps to remove organic matter and ammonia from tap or aquarium water.


100gm will easily treat 400 L (100 US gallons) for few months. Use in a Aquanature Filter Media Net Bag. Rinse before use. For best results, AQUANATURE PREMIUM ACTIVATED CARBON should be placed to the maximize flow of water through it. It may be used in a canister filter, chemical filtration module, box filter, or any high flow area of a trickle filter.


Use AQUANATURE ZEOLITE to remove ammonia and heavy metals.


Store in a cool,dry place. CAUTION Keep out of reach of children. Not for human consumption. For Aquarium use only.


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